I am currently in the process of planning my first event.
I am so excited.
Things have been going stupendous for me lately.
no drama, no tears, no failures
prayer works.
as much as im loving this path to happiness..
i find myself missing a few things.
those early morning text messages
i know. but i really do miss those. lol
Why do things have to be so inelegant between people when someones intentions towards them have been misconstrued? Is it really that serious to loose ALL contact?
My mind ponders.


ron.marcelo said...

if you need me to text you in the morning.. just ask me! lol

Rich.Girl said...

I understand exactly where your comming from :(...
I wish I would receive morning text messages as well.... but no worries.... Keep that head up [pause]

ron.marcelo said...

so whats the first event?

Nae Nae said...

OH NAW, don't get me wrong Sandra, my head ain't down [pause]. I just miss them.

And the first event is a birthday party for my lil sister.