My desire is to succeed...

thoughts of future engagements weigh heavily on my mind

day and night.

it's a tad bit hard to sleep.

i am so inspired so I must focus.

no room for stress right now and certianly no room for games.

i am driven by words spoken.
so i must work hard and get things accompolished.
by the way
have you noticed the sky lately...

[taken with my cell phone. lol]


ron.marcelo said...

sky looks nice.
and oh yeah.
i want to succeed too.
but i dont know how. lol

btw. "that guy... if he gets to read ur lil note... wont be able to get to ur blog since u changed the url lol" unless u gave him ur email.

Rich.Girl said...

I know we NEED sleep. LOL
Move are being made every single say of the week. Literally.

Nae Nae said...


Dre-Zeeezy said...

i use to take pics of the sky wit my old sprint phone
(riding around with Richard)