Do you find it easier to forgive than confront???
I believe that its easier to forgive but smarter to confront first. This was a question I came across in the book I'm currently reading, "Behaving Like Adults", by Anna Maxted. Anna Maxted is really particular about her word usage. This book definitely expands my vocabulary. 
Does the size of your girl really matter???
This is for the guys this time. Does it matter??? I asked bmore this question and he responded, "of course!" LOL But when I asked why it mattered, he switched to retarded mode and pretty much ignored my question. Then he went on to say "it depends".  
Have you ever played "Never Ever"???
 If you were at our party Saturday, you've played. LOL This is a very, and i mean VERY interesting game. Funny too. Ask about it.


A genuine Ugg is made from natural sheepskin & is comfortable enough to wear barefoot. The lanolin oil of the sheepskin will moisturize your feet & the wool fibers will keep them warm.
If the temperatures of Uggs range from 30-80 degrees, why do girls wear them with shorts in the winter & swimsuits in the summer? Its cute sometimes but it completely defeats the original purpose of buying them.
then they have the nerve to make this...




People say Facebook gets you caught up.
I disagree.
Can you tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends and cousins and cousins friends that Facebook... is a fucking website. not a voice recording system. not a camera. not a not a robot. not a human. NOT A PAIR OF HANDS. Just like you decide which pictures you want to post on Facebook, you can decide what details you will put out as your status. Facebook, the website, does not have the ability to expose you. YOU type your personal information and then YOU click "post". So, if you decided to put, for example, "[your name here] is kissing his girlfriends bestfriend"... that's on you dumbass! smh
Facebook does not get you caught up...
you do.


...if you take life for granted,
it'll grant you some other shit...
-Joe Budden