it's 11:36 pm on the dot. im sitting here on the computer.. when I should be on my way to bed. BUT i don't want to go to bed right now. LEDISI
is her name. she's on my mind.
fell in love with her voice & music last year
yesterday, i stumbled upon her CD.
she's really tight. [pause] listen for yourself. but don't shoot me if you disagree.
the song entitled, "Soulsinger Live" GEEEEEEZ!
that joint is crucial!
on another note...
of making those major changes.
im proud of myself.
you should be proud of me too.
im confused about something.
not that it matters to me anymore..
i must admit
i still would like to know.
hm. i wonder.
oh well, even if they aare...
best of luck to them...
better luck to me next time!
i love music


Eth!X Y0UN& said...

Oh yeh Ledisi been out for a minute, I love her. She's more of a mello person herself. She has some smooth music as well, I wish I knew how to make beats..lmao

Boooogie. said...

no they're not. so no best of luck needed...

Tanae Gamble said...

yes Dre i LOVE her to death. she makes me feel happy. lol i sound so gay.

Boooogie...oh. ;)

Eth!X Y0UN& said...

LMMFAO..that do sound homo girl...lmao

Eth!X Y0UN& said...

PS Estelle reminds me of Ledisi, I think they share the same attributes a lil bit

Rich.Girl said...

Im proud of you.
I'll make one more "Plea".
Then it will be time for my transformation.
You keep doing what your doing.

Tanae Gamble said...

thanks mamma..& goodluck!
hopefully it'll stay this way. lol