"This is best relationship I've ever had. We have our problems like everyone else but that doesn't outweigh how amazing you are. This is just a bump in the road for us…"

All Natural Meee!

I was finally featured on Alex's blog!!!
Here's a part of it, click HERE to see the rest.
"A lot of women are going all natural but don’t know the science in the products they’re using. They also have problems with choosing the right products for their hair. Although I'm a hair stylist, I don’t know everything. That is why research is very important when choosing products. One website I would definitely recommend to those who want to go natural or who already are all natural is my good friend Alex’s blog, “The ‘Good’ Hair Blog”...


Sister, Sister


Pardon me while I share this..... humor,
"Point blank, a girl is desperate if she approaches a guy first"


I found this photo on my laptop earlier today.
I love it...

Jam of the WEEK???

"Drop That Thing" by Juvenile needs to die, like yesterday. LOL Did anyone catch where he said, "I see your left cheek beating with your right cheek"???

MY girls.

"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have...
...and one of the best things you can be..."
-Douglas Pagels


7 Days. No cell phone.
Could you do it?