if "love" is a powerful word,
how powerful is "like"?
it's pretty fucking powerful.
careful how you use it.
i had a fair weekend.
minus Saturday night.
[not so fun]
no more drinking. for a long time.
"your good deeds erases you bad deeds"
even if your good deeds are for yourself.
today marks 36 days.
im not counting on purpose..
i just remember dates well
"intelligence is pure excellence"


Sandra G. said...

It's all good babes :)
Man I freakin love that purple jacket on you!
This is weekend will be a better weekend... I shouldn't of had went to sleep at 9:30 on a saturday night.. LOL
About that word "Like"... its just as bad as the word "love".... in my opinion.

Nae Nae said...

LOL thanks darling. i love my jacket too. and our weekends are always good.

ron.marcelo said...

like is a strong word.
i really have nothing else to say. lol


yeah I agree "like" is a strong word. idk about it being as strong as the word "love". But i would say you should be careful of who you say it to. cuz certain ppl might take it for more than what it really is.

Nae Nae said...

omg! yessssss Bryant. "be careful of who you say it to cuz certain people might take it for more than what it really is"

G*Two said...

36 days... I know what you're counting... Eh? Eh?? Should I congratulate you or tell you it'll be okay?

Nae Nae said...

lmfao! neither G. im waiting by choice, and i KNOW i will be okay.

tommeh said...

I wanna believe U meant "anyhow" not "anywho" in line 4