"As time changed, your motives did as well”



10 things I hate...
1. Killing bugs. I'll do it if I absolutely have to but I prefer not to. I mean, I'm not scared of them unless they sting, they're just gross. I used to run from the roaches when I should have been killing them!
2. Accidentally hitting my foot on the side of a bed. This happens all the time and I find that very strange... very painful. After it happens, I need a few minutes to sit and collect myself. 3. Single tracking on Metro rail. No matter what, you're guaranteed to arrive late to your destination. 4. Party poopers. I love to go out and have fun and you should too. Celebrate the gift of life. Parks, museums, local events, dinners, parties, movie nights, and even road trips. Anything that defines fun. 5. Silent letters, 3 page books, non scented air freshener, square roots, and Angel Soft Toilet Tissue. Really, what's the point? 6. When I check my mailbox and find mail addressed to people with names like "Odeu Mekdolbua" or "Adewaleope Oyenniemayzoo" in it. How in thee hell do you get my name mixed up with that? 7. Being misunderstood. Yup. I said it! I hate when people get the wrong impression of me, especially because of what someone else said. 8. Parties of 8 and over at restaurants. A bit of advice, always bring cash or ask to be on separate checks. LOL Trust me on this one! 9. When a store decides to have a big sale around the time I have no money. Or, even worse, when I see a shirt for $15 at Ross when I purchased it at Up Against the Wall for $45 in the same week. 10. Loosing my remote. Ugh!


I stole the homemade chocolate roses!


This is my first hair showcase, something slight for now. I am looking for models for my next showcase that will consist of 10-20 models. Contact me at if you or anyone you know are interested. I am taking kids too!
Model: Dana
Hair By: Nae Nae
Make-Up By: Sandra G.
Photography By: Ron Marcelo


So I finally started my online hair portfolio. It's coming together pretty well. New photos will be added every week. Please check it out from time to time... you just might see yourself on that joint.
Contact me for further details!



I think a lot of women do want to give their man that title but its always something holding them back. It can be something small or something as big as pride... and boy do we have a lot of pride. As ridiculous as it sounds, pride can be a big factor that makes or breaks a relationship. A lot of women are too stubborn to to simply give credit when credit is well deserved. But, the women who do finally decides to give their man credit [raises hand] are forced to take it away in the snap of a finger, all because he wanted to take advantage and abuse his rights. smh dumb ass!

If I ever get married, I want my husband to be like my dad.

The man of the house, respectfully.

just sayin...


"Forbidden Fantasies"
I love you but not the way I am supposed to. Despite what you say, I’m simply not allowed to love you like this because you belong to someone else. I want to confess my fantasies in high hopes of your heart in return but a large part of me knows I would be wrong. When will this feeling stop? When did it even start? How can I listen to my mind without breaking my heart? I anticipate the day I speak ebulliently of you minus the self consciousness. Until then, I can only imagine. Imagine that you belong to me and I.. belong to you. I fancy you in a way that makes my heart pierce through the flesh that covers it. Yes, sometimes it was that deep but most times, it was lust. It is lust. What would happen if I opened my mouth to speak, but the words that came out were none of which you ever imagined me saying?


Lucky gets some help from fellow up & coming recording artists Luminarty [MizFitz Soundz] & Tra' Holiday [Y.H.G.M/B.G.M.G] on this track over Rick Ross' second installment of "Maybach Music".
Lucky rhymes over Lil Waynes "Let The Beat Build" and gets some help from his Plain Paper [partner in rhyme], Norm Regular who acts as one of his alter egos, "V.I.G" (Vagina I Get), an African character who is quite hilarious. The song is pure comedy!


Never envy the wicked or their fortunes.


It would be kinda cool to date an aspiring minister or priest.
When I had the flu, I was secretly scared that it would get worse.
I actually think I'm getting sick again.
I wish Ron would hurry up and finish with those pictures.
Sweet candy. Ahh that good ol' sweet candy.
No one but me knows about the sweet candy I speak of.
I want to start having people over for a big Sunday dinner.
I miss my mother more than she thinks I do.
There will be a television in my living room soon.
I love getting my ass smacked. lol
I love AP and the person she is, she's my Rich Girl.
I've been procrastinating too much lately.
My hair showcase has been TBA for entirely too long now.
Calvin, I really like you. Don't fuck up.
Whatever you need beyond physical aspects, I can give you.
I have read two 400 page books this week at work.
Who ever said making love had to be slow paced?
I wonder how many people will read this.
I love having my own place and sharing it with Sandra.
I need a serious massage.

Play that song....

"Acceptance of what has happend is the first step to overcoming the consequenses of any misfortune. That's the song he played. Without music, life would just be a mistake"T

Observation & Analysis

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it or because it is spoken & rumored by many.
observation & analysis
When you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, accept it and live up to it.


I found this on Candice Nicole's website... cool ass shots!
the clothes are hot too.. check the post out here


A wonderful poem I came across today. Enjoy...
"The First Day"
The first day the cat came he explored all corners, touched with his mouth and tongue what he could, startled at sounds, growled at strangeness. He was tense in his muscles, his ears alert. He traced his steps through the rooms, he wanted to remember and order them in his mind. Finally, he seemed satisfied to safety. Holding his tail like a whip, he began to establish relations, formal at first, pretending he was Ambassador of Thailand, then coming close, rubbing his back and tail against my leg and chair legs to test the difference. At last he established that my dwelling suited him, he would stay. And lay down for his first trusting sleep.





First, let me start by saying you two are very photogenic. LOL I had a hard time choosing a photo for this blog post. If you don't know them already, allow me to introduce you to two great bloggers. Click their names to check their blogs out!


Hey Justin!
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We meet again...

Damn. I have been so neglectful of my blog lately. I remember this joint use to be poppin like a... well, you know. LOL Well, over the next few weeks, I will be doing some major construction to this site so bare with me.
Two weeks ago, my plan to have my first hair showcase didn't quite work out. Not only did 3 models drop out at the last minute, I ended up catching Pharyngitis [flu] and an ear infection in my left ear the first day of shooting. FTFL. Hopefully things will go as planned when I have another showcase sometime next month. If you're interested, hit me.
Sooo I met someone =) He's really cool and I enjoy his company more than he probably thinks. But man time is everything and he has so little of it. The good thing is that when I really like someone, I'm willing to compromise. Hopefullythings will work itself out the right way this time. If not, I'm done.
Oh! Great news. Magnum Dollars.. yes, the real Mag & I have decided to do a song together. LOL Hopefully I don't punk out because I'm so excited! Speaking of songs, today Lucky aka Mark Milly dropped a new song... "What Will You Say", murdered that joint as usual. Can't say I expect anything other than great music from him.