police. FBI. terriosts. citizens. us. murder. fire. bazookas. k9s. suspicion. blood. death. trade center. news. questions. unanswered questions. all those unanswered questions. planes. don't. blink. hate. crime. suicide. death. scare. life. bush. bombs. towers. war. jeez. war. funerals. family. friends. loneliness. tears. nerves. lost ones. rememberance. remembering. remember. 9/11. INCREASE THE PEACE.
STOP THE WAR! when will it all end. R.I.P. lost ones


Dre-Zeeezy said...

Yo i was jus thinkin about 9/11 the other day, i almost broke down thinkin of it... Its so sad

ron.marcelo said...

r.i.p. to them.
7 years ago.
8th grade.
in my class.
they wouldnt tell us shit.
and then we went home
and found out everything.

Tanae Gamble said...

what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Rich.Girl said...

Just the thought of it... sad.
But this is wonderful Nae.

Tanae Gamble said...