I think, long ago, someone accidently put an extra letter in a word and called it a “silent letter” as an excuse, as if he put it there on purpose. Lol seriously, I don’t understand the point in complicating a word that could have been spelled so easily.
that is all.


Do you like reading more than you like writing?
do you like writing more than you like reading?


my loves.
i miss my blog.
i miss my followers.
and my leaders.
all my friends.
so much.
lol I'm silly.
but um yeah, i got shit to say.
when you stop looking for your keys, you find them. slow down and relax. i need to slow the fuck down and relax. for the past week, i haven't been able to sleep like i normally do. My lack of blogging has been killing me inside. i have so many different things running around in my brain, causing me to have severe headaches. i thought it was my cholesterol bothering me but i was wrong. its me over thinking everything. a shot of liquor won't help me, so let me vent. Please don't devalue my thoughts because they actually mean something to me. they mean a lot to me as they should. I'm sick of wasting my emotions on people who don't care. So care for me like i care for you all.
[now picture me smiling because i don't feel like uploading a picture lol]
Is it wrong to devalue what someone says in order to stop your expectations from changing? I read that somewhere in my favorite author, Eric Jerome Dickey's book "Friends & Lovers". Great book. Now back to the question.
special shout out to my money. yes. MY money. why? because i said so. the little time we spent together was pretty cool. trust me when i say, you were and still are on my A list [which consists of 3 guys]. I cried once from hurt then you turned around and made me cry...... from satisfaction. i want you. still. but i won't show it or confess it again. i didn't want to keep chasing what shouldn't have been running. [sigh] its no fun being a queen living in a kingless castle. thanks for the few memories.
what's the purpose of silent letters? seriously.
He popped the question to me last week. Then she turned around & popped the same question to me today. "Tanae, who's your Valentine?" Well my friends, he didn't go to Jarreds. lls But i went to Ikea. What I'm saying is... my apartment is my Valentine. I hoped to have a lovely Valentine like the man I had last year but, "this ain't Burger King, you can't always have it your way". [hey Dre! lol]

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