i have an interview at the Library of Congress tomorrow
i have to pretend to be sick at work today
so i can have a good excuse as to why i will be late tomorrow
do i look sick enough....?
on a different subject
that asshole asked me for money for Friday
i told her no because she needs to learn how to save her money
and do you know what she did?
she stole it from me
i noticed money missing from my lil piggy bank joint this morning
bills, not change
how did i respond you ask?
no i didn't rip up any of her shit
or pour bleach on it like i normally would [yes it gets that serious]
well, let's just say
i'm the ONLY person who has the key to that lock on our door
goog day.


Sandra G. said...

LMFAO!!! Sheesh!

Mika said...

HAHAHA nae your too funny, and good luck wit the interview. no u dont look sick lol

Nae Nae said...

lol shit! well, the sick look was worth a try.

ron.marcelo said...

you dont look sick.
it looks cute actually lol.
break a leg at the interview.


lol that end part was too funny.
but you dont look sick i agree wit Ron u look cute forreal. but yeah hope your interview goes well.

Lyriciss Flowz said...

LOL wow @ all of that
and nah, you ain't look sick
you just looked bored and lonely
like you needed a hug or somethin

Nae Nae said...

lls! well, my dumb ass boss fell for it. and i pretty much got the job guys! yay mee.

De-U.c.e. Double said...

Nice blog I'm diggin' da swagg...good look on U're job situation too slim hope U get it!!!