you see me right?
this is me. happy...
i compete for no one.
not even you.


Blogspot becomes the new myspace???
just a thought...


Sandra this picture means a lot to me.
thanks.. i love you!
[photo credit to Sandra G.]
i swear, blood couldn't make us any closer.
check out her blog:


Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter.
fuck that! let it go! love you and your circumstances.
Think about it...
the prettiest woman can actually have hell in her heart.
the most popular woman may be unable to have children.
the richest woman you know might be lonely as a muthafucka.
[please excuse my language]

love who you are

I am too Blessed to be Stressed
too Anointed to be Disappointed!!


"How do you continue going up hill when you're scared stuck in that one spot because of previous accidents. Do you brainstorm different routes? Do you turn around and just give up?Or do you overcome your fears independetly? "
I answered my own question on Saturday yet its still hard for me to follow. don't you hate that shit. you know what you should do but you can't seem to do it right then and there. ugh! i have been so eager to go there all summer and now that i finally have the opportunity to, im scared to go. i keep thinking "what if?" at some point in time, everyone wonders "what if'... but to what extent? where is the breaking point when you just say fuck it!?!? i am putting an excessive amount of thought into this when actually, little thought is necessary. i just want to be happy. plain and simple. and if going to, lets say Haawii [hehe], makes me happy, then im going to fucking go.
the end.

 money is my ambition.
"if your heart is open, love will find its way in..."


so i was browsing blogs
on this sicky ass day when i came across this post.


so i went outside to take the trash out...
with wet hair. in the cold weather.
now look at my ass.


everyone has their blonde moments.


Saturday morning, around 9am, i went to the library with Eden and Talia. we became members of the library and each recieved our library cards to get books. I picked up two wonderful books. One of the books I picked up deals with bartending. I forgot the name and author of the book and i left it at home.. so i won't mention it. lol Anywho, bartending is something i am super interested in along with all the other adventerous things i want to learn. It discusses different types of liqueurs, volumes, mixing drinks, rims, decorations, bartending tools, and so much more! lol i sound like a fuckin commercial girl. man one day, once i master this shit, i will have a lil dinner party, drinks made and served by Tanae.
On a more educational side, the other book i picked up, entitled Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale, is about "reading or writing that will make you feel so relaxed that your mind, especially your subconsious, is more receptive to commands". Meaning, reading or writing something clear and precise that will be so effective that you can't resist it. Im only at the beginning of the book but so far its really an amazing book. Is more of a "this is how you can" type of book, rather than "how to" type of book.... dig me? Its more persusavive than instructional. It discusses similes, quotes, commands, language use, lengths, and spacing. No, no, no. its not a english class all over again, its a brilliant fuckin piece of communication. 
p.s. its funny how the tables can turn so suddenly. 


so. i have been working my ass of for the past two weeks and man has it been hard. I have so much shit to talk about. so, here i go.
Yes, I have 3 jobs. The Library of Congress[the Madison building pictured above] as an librarian technician, Up Against the Wall as an sales associate/cashier, and Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates [law firm] as an Administrative Assistant. Sheeesh! Sandra is working 2 jobs too.. these ladies are grinding! 
At work, i can listen to my ipod all day since i work in a quiet environment. My ipod is old, really old [lol ask Ron]. So, although i charge it over night, it goes dead within an hour. so i am forced to listen to it that last hour before I get off work... around 3ish. blower!!! 
i really love this picture!!!
[credit to Wanthy]

Grinding means money, so i purchased a dress to wear on Halloween. Sandra, Mika, and I went to The Mai Thai Lounge. It was pretty chill, and yes we danced. My boy Twon got me a drink, and so did the little Indian guy who was goosin me. "Are you supposed to be Keri Washington or someone?" That was a lame way to spark a conversation sir. lol

I waved goodbye to him after letting him know that i didn't feel the "spark" when we met in person that day. Hope you understand babe. You're a really good friend.. and you have a sexy voice. lol OH! I finally decided to "man up" and tell HIM that I was really feelin him and not his buddy. He was shocked, and seemed happy to know that it was him. my question is, whats next sir?

This may be a lame picture but... yes babes! i remember that time. lol.  Since it was your bday weekend, you're stuck to remember. lol I shall visit one day....