You are self centered.
I wish you had more to talk about other than your career path so I could actually like you. You're cooler than most people would think. I find myself asking a number of different questions [as I do with everyone else] but somehow we still end up talking about your hustle. Thats wack!
You are super gay.
I stopped talking to you years ago because you were appealing to the eye but had absolutely no conversation, no excitement, no life. I gave you another try recently and you ruined it. You finally showed me that you're human and that you have personality but then you turned around and failed to launch, twice. Not the business.
You are undefined.
I haven't known you long but already I can tell you're the type who involves a chase. I don't feel like running. You seem like a great guy but you almost act as if you've never had experience in the building blocks department. Maybe thats just it, you're new to this. My advice to you, man up. Take a risk.  
You are milk worthy.
You constantly throw yourself at me all the time and expect me smile and giggle. Sir, please don't take this friendship for more than what it is. If you continue to act the way you are, I will be forced to do nothing but milk you. Squeez as much out of you as you let me. The decision is yours.
You are impossible.
I tried to put things back to where they were before but you refuse to fully work with me. Although I still want you, I wonder for how much longer. I just don't want to stop liking you but I know I will soon. I will be here whenever you need me fuckboy. If closure is what I need, then closure is what I will get. This is the end babe. No strings attached. 


The Game 
This is a great televsion show, please don't cancel it!!!

Rich Girls 101

I feel that certian people need clarification of where exactly the "Rich Girls" came from and what we represent. When we refer to ourselves as the Rich Girls, we aren't necessarily referring to money. We are rich in love, beauty, intelligence, independence, and talent. Enough said. If you disagree, prove me wrong. I beg you. So, for all you people who think Sandra & I are two "statistics", kiss my ass... and get off my blog bitch!

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