We meet again...

Damn. I have been so neglectful of my blog lately. I remember this joint use to be poppin like a... well, you know. LOL Well, over the next few weeks, I will be doing some major construction to this site so bare with me.
Two weeks ago, my plan to have my first hair showcase didn't quite work out. Not only did 3 models drop out at the last minute, I ended up catching Pharyngitis [flu] and an ear infection in my left ear the first day of shooting. FTFL. Hopefully things will go as planned when I have another showcase sometime next month. If you're interested, hit me.
Sooo I met someone =) He's really cool and I enjoy his company more than he probably thinks. But man time is everything and he has so little of it. The good thing is that when I really like someone, I'm willing to compromise. Hopefullythings will work itself out the right way this time. If not, I'm done.
Oh! Great news. Magnum Dollars.. yes, the real Mag & I have decided to do a song together. LOL Hopefully I don't punk out because I'm so excited! Speaking of songs, today Lucky aka Mark Milly dropped a new song... "What Will You Say", murdered that joint as usual. Can't say I expect anything other than great music from him.