I think a lot of women do want to give their man that title but its always something holding them back. It can be something small or something as big as pride... and boy do we have a lot of pride. As ridiculous as it sounds, pride can be a big factor that makes or breaks a relationship. A lot of women are too stubborn to to simply give credit when credit is well deserved. But, the women who do finally decides to give their man credit [raises hand] are forced to take it away in the snap of a finger, all because he wanted to take advantage and abuse his rights. smh dumb ass!

If I ever get married, I want my husband to be like my dad.

The man of the house, respectfully.

just sayin...


[B]RYAN [B] said...

yeah I definitely feel you on this one. "Pride" gets in the way of so many things. but on some real shit, my pride is always off to the side. especially when it comes to someone i really like or care about. i think its just my soft side that does that lol.

Nae Nae said...

Bryant you always understand! I love you son =)

[B]RYAN [B] said...

Love you too son!