It would be kinda cool to date an aspiring minister or priest.
When I had the flu, I was secretly scared that it would get worse.
I actually think I'm getting sick again.
I wish Ron would hurry up and finish with those pictures.
Sweet candy. Ahh that good ol' sweet candy.
No one but me knows about the sweet candy I speak of.
I want to start having people over for a big Sunday dinner.
I miss my mother more than she thinks I do.
There will be a television in my living room soon.
I love getting my ass smacked. lol
I love AP and the person she is, she's my Rich Girl.
I've been procrastinating too much lately.
My hair showcase has been TBA for entirely too long now.
Calvin, I really like you. Don't fuck up.
Whatever you need beyond physical aspects, I can give you.
I have read two 400 page books this week at work.
Who ever said making love had to be slow paced?
I wonder how many people will read this.
I love having my own place and sharing it with Sandra.
I need a serious massage.


Fashionista of the Future said...

I read it! LOL Yes about Ron and those pics! U said some honest but funny are cool CHICA! Sunday dinner sounds nice...I'll come by! =)

Nae Nae said...

yay! lol you're pretty dope as well.. you will be my first invite to dinner.

r[o]n said...

i wish i can hurry up too... just so much going on with school =/
i'm almost down to the 10 best...

Sandra G. said...

Let's cook up a storm for Sunday =) I love that you are my roomate. All day in the paint baybay!

Reality"The Don" said...

i dig randomness.... allot!

THE ORiGiNAL AP said...

Ok, I reas this like 5 times! I stalk your blog!LOL...sike nah but I love u too lady && Sunday dinners sound already know im down!

Nae Nae said...