my ipod is in my ears and im not looking at anyone yet becasue i accidently made brief eye contact with the go go guy sitting accross from me, he makes his move feeling confident that the "look" i gave him mean't "hey baby. im single".
the guy freaking the three skeets behind me slams his penis onto my butt cheeks while wrapping hands around my waist. i guess that was his way of saying "you gonna come home with me tonight along with them skeets behind me?" without sayin anything at all.
the dude with the too big high top dunks and skinny skinnier skinniest skinny jeans walks right beside me as if we are "together". when i finally decided to be nice and acknowledge his unwanted presence, he looks me up and down, and says "how you doin sweetheart?". then licks his lips. twice.ADDING TO THE WHITE RING.
the UPS, FED Ex, and DHL men are all in their mid 30s, i suppose. They deliver at my office around the same time in the same order three times a week. Which means, I either get a "Hey lil lady, you are so pretty", a "Can I take out out to lunch sometime?", a "Where is your boyfriend?", and/or a "While your signing your name, write you number down with that".
these are NOT ways to approach a lady.
its nice that you try.. but its not worth trying like this.
so lets get it together guys.
guys, humor me with the ways ladies approach you...


Boooogie. said...

lol thats funny!
lls see this is why i dont do the whole approaching/rap game. im the shy guy you see out the corner of your eye but dont pay too much attention to lol...

Nae Nae said...

LMFAOOOO! well i think you're safe where you are Boooogie.

i don't mean to go but.. guys need a new & improved way to approaching ladies.

Boooogie. said...

iono i think the dumb ways niggas go at girls like the ones you pointed out give niggas like me the advantage lls

Sandra G. said...

This is funny, but yet very true son! LOL.Guys are outrageous (like that guy we saw down Anacostia in that outrageous truck)...ha! Yes ma'm to that extreme :)

ron.marcelo said...

Lol wow.
thats why I dont do nothing.
maybe cuz i cant approach someone.
but if im introduced to someone.
or met them in my class.
its over baby!
unless if they're taken. =(

Nae Nae said...

Boooogie- i agree but then again i don't. you give yourself the advantage. you're awesome! lol

Sandra- LMFAO!!! yess.. that was fuckin crazy!

Ron- i dont think you'd approach a girl in stupid way. so you're good.


thats some funny shit but yet true.
im with boogie i dont do the whole approaching/rap game shit either. im also that shy guy too. but i dont do none of that shit you listed cuz that shit is lame! THATS WHY I CANT STAND LAME ASS NIGGAZ. but anyways for me i dont really approach girls its just when i get the opportunity to meet a girl i just be myself and they usually always end up liking me so yea.