I listen to...
Amy Winehouse
Lilly Allen
Cody hestnutt
Lupe Fiasco
Young Jeezy
Ryan Leslie
Christina A.
Charles Hamilton
Kanye West
Janelle Monae
Colbie Caillat
Gwen Stefani
Natashia Bedingfield
Justin Nozuka
Lil Wayne
Corrine Bailey Rae
Kirk Franklyn
Jay Z
Chrisette Michelle
Danity Kane
Nina Sky
Dorothy Dandridge
I just started listening to...
Asher Roth
Minus the Bear
good day.


D. Omen said...

didn't see D. Omen or G*Two. fuck you and this list.

have a nice day.

ron.marcelo said...

lmao at d. omen! lololol

Sandra G. said...

I listen to everything you listen to pretty much. But you already know what's in rotation in my vehicle...
Nae's Ipod shit!
Classic Young Doc and others...
I really need to work on my Ipod.
Thanks for the inspiration.

P.S... Let me borrow some CDS so i don't have to download everything. LOL. Gracias & have a good Day.

Ingredients of the Mind said...

u gotta add Pink to the list...she ji nice

Nae Nae said...

NO Damien FUCK YOU!!!! and your fat ass stomach! Im not gonna lie on my blog. I like you guys, but I don't listen to you guys a lot.

Same with Pink Rhiannon, i dont listen to her enough to call her a favorite. imma get wit it tho babe!

Boooogie. said...

aye being in the friend zone sucks! im gonna post about that soon!!!! lls

G*Two said...

Damn i just unknowingly got fried without even having a thing to do with it...

D. Omen said...

tanae shut your little bill lookin ass up

Dre-Zeeezy said...

Not to mention, what about Phonte lmao. He has a new CD out called FOREIGN EXCHANGE - LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND, oh and one more thing, he sings. Beautiful Situation

Nae Nae said...

Boooogie- i saw your post. i shall comment. =)

G*TWO- didn't "fry" you...

Damien- get a life.

Dre- I love Phonte but i don't listen to him. imma look into it tho...

tommeh said...

Are these basically all you listen to? I hope not. What about songs from the 80's?

Nae Nae said...

And IF it is all i listen to????? then what sir?????

pardon my language but, this is MY fucking blog, and MY choice of music. excuse me if i don't listen to artists from the 80's or [for that matter] any of the same music YOU listen to. i listen to that I want to listen to. there are many talented artisit out here but that DOES NOT mean i listen to them on a daily basis.

thank you.

tommeh said...

It's your blog and I respect that, but must U cuss?
It's a shame if U ask me cuz 1st impression doesn't really tell, does it? I didn't see ur reply till I came back this evening. And surprisingly, you happened to be the same girl who I shook hands with in the mall. Same girl with a melting smile, possesses a psychedelic voice and looked as one who absence the "f" word in her lexicographical work.

Great job!

Nae Nae said...

No, it was not necessary for me to curse BUT i did. And if you took offense to it, my apologies. It just seems that everyone has a problem with MY choice of music, including you.

"Are these basically all you listen to? I hope not..."

now was THAT necessary? I believe not sir.

p.s. nice meeting you! lol

Y.H.G.M [Young Hustlaz Gettin' Money] said...

damn, hoping I can get slid into the "who I just started listening to.." section... lol... love the blog BTW... keep it up sweetheart.