okay so those little things are getting to me.
i have been emotional.
i see what you mean when you say
im nice one minute, goofy another, then im mean
"a bitch"
as for my proposition regarding this matter:
>>please don't shoot me down<<
i will absolve you for almost whatever actions
forgive me if i have been acting
forgive me if i have been
thats not who i am and i fancy you will see that
everyone has a breaking point
& everyone has "those days"
or in my case those weeks.
pardon me
i am responsible for my own actions
so i wont blame him, her, or that


ron.marcelo said...

i'll never shoot you down.

Dre-Zeeezy said...

dont you drop that head missy poo, keep it well above ur shoulders at all times, ingeed thats where it belongs. Capitalize!!! u know what gwanz..

Nae Nae said...

lol thanks guys. but don't get me wrong, im not sad or depressed, im just a tiny bit bothered and frustrated about somethings.

Sandra G. said...

Aww it's all good babes.. Smile =)
I understand things get to you... just like all others.. so you have the right to feel the way you feel whenever you want to. Never ask people to forgive you for being yourself. Everyone has their moments of serious thought and frustration... you know you can always call me to joke around.. and when you need someone to curse at! LOL

Nae Nae said...

thats just it Sandra... I am not mean nor am i extra so im not apologizing for being myself. i will never. but i will ALWAYS ask for forgiveness when i know i take things too far.

thanks mamma! you're the best!

Mika said...

and i know exactly what ur talkin bout nae, i tend to get the same way,and ppl ask me y im mean lol... im not though

Boooogie. said...

cute pic...

Nae Nae said...

Mika you are NOT eeeeeeeeven mean. i love the person you are, intoxicated or not... and i am not just saying that. you have such a bubbly personality. fuck whoever thinks otherwise. lol

thanks Boooogie!

Ingredients of the Mind said...

the pic is too funny!
but yea i feel u, every1 goes through it! it comes && goes!


yeah i understand where you comin from. we all go through these phases from time to time. just stay strong and positive. you will be just fine.

Nae Nae said...

yes. stay positive! thats what i need to do. lol thanks Bryant

Mika said...

HAHAHAA thanks nae, omg how was i acting that night... maan that buiscut was good as a mother lol... wit the jelly HAHAHA oh man.. can we all go out again another outing where ever is needed, i dont care where yall wanna go lol

Sandra G. said...

LMFAOOO @ Mika! I swear that NY Fried chicken is on point (only the one in Forestville) We had too much fun, so what's good for saturday? I suggest we discuss this on the booth before Nae curses us out.. LOL