I don't think anyone knows the true definition of a best friend until they meet someone whom they can feel free around. No cover ups, no readjusting, just you. My best friend is Sandra G. I met her in high school but first hung out with her on her 19th birthday, April 20, 2008. It was a random invite but I was more than grateful to accept. She unknowingly picked me up off the ground when I was at a low point in my life. She was the light down the new path that God had created for me. We've never fought nor have we even argued with one another, that says a lot about our alliance. She is the person who can be sincerely happy for my situation even when she's not happy with her own. The godmother of my unborn child, my sister, my Rich Girl, Sandra G.


Sandra G. said...

Dear Miss @TanaeDot lol,

You are the friend that I was always looking for & could never find. Funny how we stumbled upon one another. we went though all the bad friends to end up with each other. I am forever grateful to have your friendship & it's the one thing I will never take for granted. You are my spine. You support me no matter how dumb my logic seems as times. & you love my for the crazy, complex, & weird individual I am. You are so understanding to my way of thinking & all the weird things I like & dislike. I will always be here for you! Always. No one can ever come between you & I. I'm here to always fight with you, or for you. =)

I LOVE YOU! I don't have a blood sister but nothing can makes us any closer. We ARE Family. My Family loves you & I know your family loves me back.
Richs Girls with an alliance no one can ever take down.

NAE NAE said...

Awwwww lol this was a great response, puuuuurfect!

Lyriciss Flowz said...

y'all are too cute...LMAO. ah-ha, i got to say it back!!!

Peace & Hip-Hop

NAE NAE said...

lol thanks babes!!!

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