People are brought into our lives for different reasons. He, is a sign of inspiration. I'm not saying this because I like him, I'm saying it because its the truth. Its not about what he did [or didn't do] to me physically, its about what he taught me mentally. Now, I may not understand all of the information I find but believe me, there is more to the picture than what the eye catches. The littlest things we see in everyday life have the biggest meanings behind them and that's why research is necessary. His artistry, his music, its more than lyrics, far beyond metaphors and similes. It serves the purpose not to brainwash but to entertain and cultivate minds with truth. He makes music with substance and puts a lot of commitment into it. Don't forget me when you blow up Pro! Your time is closer than you think. He's the guy who smiles from ear to ear, he is, the infamous, Pro'Verb.