She is my air, my heart, my number one reason for wanting to be here today. She's my mother, the woman I love like no other. She has created so much out of the little she had in the past. She proved to me that where there's a will, there's a way. Her way. When I'd focus on the wrong things as a kid, she reminded me that there's more to life than increasing its speed. Slow down and live age appropriate. As her 16 inch locks sway to the beat of her footsteps, her curvy silhouette and youthful, make up free skin defines that beauty is skin deep. I thank the lord for her, not only because she birthed me, but because she raised me to be the young lady that I am, independently. We bump heads from time to time but always seem to hug tighter in end. She is a mother of two, a lover, and a friend.
"She defines everything a mother should be..."


THE ORiGiNAL AP said...

awww this was a really nice post Nae Nae... swear u && ur mom are twinsss!

NAE NAE said...

lol Thanks Pizzle!

Sandra G. said...

I Love Tonya!!! My locked Mothers since I'm her spanish daughter. lol