Why don't I ever get a reasonable explanation as to why things never work out when I meet a guy. As usual, things are great in the beginning. But, in a month or so after we start dating, he stops calling, texting, and visiting. He pretty much takes our friendship and pours it down the toilet. When I ask the simple question, "why", I all of a sudden become the crazy girl. smh I try to keep in touch but all I ever get is lame conversation, if even that. I understand losing interest but damn, at least open your mouth and tell me so.
I'm not crying or anything, ts just not fair.


[B]RYAN [B] said...

you already know where im bout to go with this lol. you're obviously messin wit the wrong dudes. and you're over lookin someone thats right here *hint hint*...but I agree with you tho. that shit really isnt fair. ppl just need to be straight forward, it would make life so less stressful.

THE ORiGiNAL AP said...

you already know i know how u feel. && ur completely right, its not fair. people sometimes don't have the decency or balls to say how they really feel so they venge off....but you know wat? fuck these basic ass niggas! love u lots!