i want a shrink to talk to.
maybe even a new friend. a real one
i have 3 jobs again.
why do girls love so much?
I want to sing. Can someone help me start this?
December is close. too close
damn chico, its almost been a year...
i hated your beard, now I love every inch of you
except when you... nvmd. fuck you.
overly secretive people are annoying.
i fear being alone
you said everyone needs love???
what the fuck IS love?
giving celebrities jobs people go to school for pisses me off
what a waste of time, money, and hope
strangely, my hair is growing really fast
i put eggs & mayo in it
I feel for the homeless, for the less fortunate.
Rick Ross & JCole
spectacular. yes!
i might be in a catch 22, might
then I hear his name again. Calvin, this guy
smh he loves a lot of ketchup.
i need someone to reprogram my remote.
i think about my relgion very often
and i need a bible, still
i have a lot of priorities & goals
i hope to meet them
is it too early for a New Years Resolution?
i should do this more often.


Sandra G. said...

I don't know if I should address all of this... Might be like a million paragraphs longs. You know we are on the same page though, I don't think I have to comment for you to know what I want to see. We are there! It will all be well. All of it. Promise.

[B]RYAN [B] said...

ok lets see...umm

-I can be one of the realest friends you'll ever have if you lean my way a lil more.

-3 jobs yeah you on ya grind!

-Dont fear being alone...ill always be here if you finally come to your senses lol.

-I used to put eggs in my hair too when I first started growing it.

-I know for sure that you're going to achieve your goals. dont worry.

Nae Nae said...

awww thanks Bryant. lol You're such a great friend, I know you'll be here... vice versa chico