This quote simply translates that the "boyfriend/girlfriend" title is nonexistent. No strings attached therefore you are free to do and say whatever you want to whoever you want. Having the "I'm not married so I'm single" mentality is just immature for many reasons, I diagree with it more than I agree. I would prefer to have a steady relationship where there are minor limits, its easier to me. A lot of people wont commit to a relationship because it limits their freedom but I mean, isn't that an important factor, fair restrictions? You can't give your boyfriend and the cute guy down the street the same attention, its not fair. Building a friendship is what this is all about, expressing yourself ahead of time to prevent immature issues. Be up-front about what you demand and what you won't settle for to avoid confrontation with your beau in the future. If their is a huge disagreement on opinions then there you go, on to the next one.
Point blank... the quote is pure nonsense.


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I feel you on this 100%

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