Recently, I have been thinking a lot about one particular topic. I need clarification. Why do people want to be hoes and why do other people want to fuck them? [notice the correction] Lol Point blank period. Before I start, let me say that this blog post is not directed towards anyone in particular, although I do believe many of you readers can relate to some of my thoughts.
Blog post inspired by my homies
Hey guys! lol Hoes, sluts, rollers, tramps, skanks, whores, slores…. lol they're all the same thing. They are girls [guys too] who provide a service for their community as well as other communities by sleeping with everyone and anyone. She will give him a sympathy suck and fuck either because someone asked her to, for attention, to ruin someone’s relationship, or she because just simply has the urge to suck and fuck someone she knows. Majority of the time, these people have tormenting childhood memories that they try to cover up by having sexual intercourse with anyone when in reality, they're only making things worse for themselves by creating a negative reputation. “One girl is my jump off, one girl is my wife” –Ray J Now, what I can’t seem to understand is why a guy would want to involve himself with a girl like that? Is it because “she’s a very freaky girl” and she’s easy? Do rollers have a top secret special type of pussy that we “regular" girls aren’t aware of? Lol or are you just desperate enough to fuck tramps because they’re probably the only girls who will "stoop” to your level? And for you cheaters out there, does you girlfriend not satisfy you the way a whore would? Does she not let you, let’s say, tea bag her? Hahahaha! Naw, but man I just don’t get it. What if “says she's 3 months pregnant and she's keepin' it”? Then what? Your baby will be the product of a slut. Ugh! “Suck and Fuck baby”, batteries sold separately like shit. Lls “Just give me a bad hoe and a plate of salmon” -Jadakiss
I mean, most of us have encountered at least one or two moments where we’ve had relations with someone who we weren’t in a relationship with but since this is my blog, i’ll speak for myself. The guy I had relations with was a good friend of mines and we weren’t involved physically or emotionally with anyone else. There are many differences from what I did and what a hoe would do. A hoe would do him and his brother…. in the same day, just in different rooms. She would most likely be fucking more than two guys around the same time just because. Smh. in this crazy woorld! “A lot of hoes give me their numbers but I never call” – Polow Da Don
Okay, fine. Go out and have your little fun. But don’t be a statistic. Be one less, no matter how good she looks. Just because she may appear clean on the outside doesn’t mean she’s all clean and tidy on the inside, dig me? It's the same with girls! Don't go out and have sex with a man whore and expect him to make you his number one. To him, you are no different from the other list of girls he's been with. And dont be surprised if your little sister says she was with him the night prior to your night with him. lol Be independent but don't be selfish. You never know who you can affect when you make such a big decision like fucking a slut. I think people need to stop and think about the longevity of the situation. I mean, consider the factors. The many diseases out here, tormented reputations, one’s self respect, drama, beef, and sometimes death. Why would you want to risk all of those things just for momentary satisfaction? “Stop the violence, increase the peace”. I thought that was the world’s motto? Ron, this is another example of my previous post you couldn’t comprehend, “What if silence was the violence”. If we keep quiet about these issues, it will eventually turn to violence. “Don’t mess wit my man, cause imma be the one to bring it to ya” -Nivea
i hope you enjoyed my thoughts and opinions.
now respond!


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Great Speech. Indeed. ;)

Sandra G. said...

You outdid yourself one this one my dear. Aren't you proud Boooogie? LOL. But umm... Who the hell knows what's wrong with these boys and girls today. I can write an entire blog in response to you and Boooogie's posts! LOL.

Guys- they probably do it to sluts bcuz of bragging rights, adding to their list, interest of how the girls might be at sex, or just for a plain nut-off. Guys don't always do it to pretty girls, they do it to whoever lets them.

Girls- they are probably easy bcuz of low self-esteem, thinking that's whats going to make a boy like them or be with them, they are miserable with their lives, or just bcuz they are just plain disgusting. lOL.

Those are just my opinions, I have this discussion with so many males just out of curiosity and I always get a different response, so it's safe to assume there is no definite answer.

OK so... Love that second photo! Super cute.....
"“Suck and Fuck baby”, batteries sold separately like shit. Lls" Has to be one of the most funniest things I have ever heard!! LOL

Great post mama!

Nae Nae said...

thanks Wanthy!

and Sandra... "nut-off" LMFAOOOOO! good one. and im glad you like my little baby joke. i agree, most guys fuck whoever lets them. ugh!

love the comments!

rhiannon said...

yea yall have covered it all! THEY JUST NASTY. Have low self esteem & jus dnt give a fuck! Which is sad, then they have "“Suck and Fuck babys”, (that has to be the funniest thing i heard in my life!) i mean think about all the people that got pregnant from high school & then the 1s u werent surprised of cuz they were jus rollassss! lls It couldnt be me thats all i have to say!

G*Two said...

Hmm. I think everyone can agree that some people just like sex sometimes. It doesn't make them sluts or whores. Because i'm sure that no one posting on here is a virgin so the whole low self esteem thing is malarkey. And as far as diseases go, these goody two shoe bitches have diseases too. STD's don't discriminate - you take as much of a chance fucking without a condom from one girl to another. So no Tanae I don't take offense to this post, and like I told your friend, trying to find the answer to why dudes fuck around is trivial and pointless. It's primal and hereditary. We are animals. Essentially. Despite opposable thumbs and higher thinking. I'm not even gonna say anything else...

Nae Nae said...

Rhionna girl yes! couldn't be me either! lol

thanks for your input G! "It's primal and hereditary..." thats VERY interesting. i've never heard that one before.

"trying to find the answer to why dudes fuck around is trivial and pointless"

oh! and that wasn't the primary purpose of this post. its to figure out why people want to be rollers, and why other people want to become involved or have relations with them.

Boooogie. said...

your right sandra i am very proud of this monumentous post! but umm i think there's a very simple answer to why boys and girls do the things they do... NO MORAL FIBER lls sike nah iono either... like my friend said the other day... "show me the baddest bitch and ill point out a nigga who's tired of fucking her"

niggas have a passion for women... multiple women! and females have a passion for love and marriage and stability... total opposites.
(does that make sense or am i just rambling??? lol)

ron.marcelo said...

wow tanae this was an amazing post. and I totally agree with Sandra.

“Suck and Fuck baby”, batteries sold separately like shit.
lmaoooo effin hilarious!!!!

i have been told... "fuck wanting her as your girl... just find someone you can beat." of course i laugh but intentionally i don't want "just" that. i mean of course its pleasure, but yeah. lol.

Nae Nae said...

Boooogie! "NO MORAL FIBER" lmfaoooo! funny as shit.

but naw, i heard a saying like that before, "...ill point out a nigga who's tired of fucking her..." its crazy how you can have it all and still not be chosen. or if you are chosen, you're one of many. lol

lol thanks Ron! but thats fucked up whoever told you that. i get what he/she means but to a certian extent. i don't believe thats the way to go about it. find a girl who wants you for you forst, THEN later on down the road discuss sex.

Rich said...

This was like the most Hilarious thing I ever read
But its true
"Top secret special type of pussy" though lol
Theres no true answer to define why in my opinion
Its just Innate I guess lol


wow! this has to be the most interesting post i have read in so long. and yeah i totally agree with sandra. but for my input i would say there are so many reasons why girls and dudes do what they do.

Girls: i believe females choose to be rollers simply because they want and like the attention. some feel as if thats what they have to do to be wanted or get attention from us guys. some are just straight up nasty! i also believe that low self-esteem is a major factor for rollers. but i have found that females become "rollers"
because of the girls they associate themselves with.

Guys: Now for us guys...its really simple for us. We mess with "rollers" because they are so fuckin easy! We can get whatever we want from them point blank. Niggaz dont think about the consequences from messing with them. They only think about the pleasures and quick satifaction they can get from rollers. Now for guys being whores...i guess one girl is not enough for them...i have found that niggaz dont never want one girl..they wanna fuck every girl they can get.

"Suck and Fuck babys", batteries sold seperately like shit. omg that has to be the funniest shit i have ever heard! LMFAOOOO!

Nae Nae said...

Girls want and like the attention, and Guys mess with rollers because they are so fuckin easy!

enough said. thanks for all the wonderful responses guys!