so. i have been working my ass of for the past two weeks and man has it been hard. I have so much shit to talk about. so, here i go.
Yes, I have 3 jobs. The Library of Congress[the Madison building pictured above] as an librarian technician, Up Against the Wall as an sales associate/cashier, and Phyllis J. Outlaw & Associates [law firm] as an Administrative Assistant. Sheeesh! Sandra is working 2 jobs too.. these ladies are grinding! 
At work, i can listen to my ipod all day since i work in a quiet environment. My ipod is old, really old [lol ask Ron]. So, although i charge it over night, it goes dead within an hour. so i am forced to listen to it that last hour before I get off work... around 3ish. blower!!! 
i really love this picture!!!
[credit to Wanthy]

Grinding means money, so i purchased a dress to wear on Halloween. Sandra, Mika, and I went to The Mai Thai Lounge. It was pretty chill, and yes we danced. My boy Twon got me a drink, and so did the little Indian guy who was goosin me. "Are you supposed to be Keri Washington or someone?" That was a lame way to spark a conversation sir. lol

I waved goodbye to him after letting him know that i didn't feel the "spark" when we met in person that day. Hope you understand babe. You're a really good friend.. and you have a sexy voice. lol OH! I finally decided to "man up" and tell HIM that I was really feelin him and not his buddy. He was shocked, and seemed happy to know that it was him. my question is, whats next sir?

This may be a lame picture but... yes babes! i remember that time. lol.  Since it was your bday weekend, you're stuck to remember. lol I shall visit one day....




ron.marcelo said...

where do i start?
1. welcome back! lol
2. grinding with 3 jobs. u sure are!
3. You got that McCain iPod. Time for a "CHANGE" babe lol
4. you, sandra n mika look lovely!
5. Keri Washington tho? lol
6. When I'm down... I just think about Obama winning that night. lol. "MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!"


ima copy off Ron lol.
1.its great to have you back. we missed you! are definitely grinding. you're my role model lol.
3.i havent seen your ipod but i guess its time for a change lol.
4.i agree you ladies look lovely.
5. That lame ass approach! step your game up son!
6.Yessir Obama 08!

Sandra G. said...

Yes! Work work and work is all we do :)It will pay off, well it already is LOL.
LMFAO @ that photo & you which one I am talking about because we laughed about it for 10 minutes straight! LOL.

P.s. I put on for my city *Wink*

Nae Nae said...

lol thanks people. and yess Sandra.. that picture and the reason behind it is pretty fuckin funny.

Mika said...