Saturday morning, around 9am, i went to the library with Eden and Talia. we became members of the library and each recieved our library cards to get books. I picked up two wonderful books. One of the books I picked up deals with bartending. I forgot the name and author of the book and i left it at home.. so i won't mention it. lol Anywho, bartending is something i am super interested in along with all the other adventerous things i want to learn. It discusses different types of liqueurs, volumes, mixing drinks, rims, decorations, bartending tools, and so much more! lol i sound like a fuckin commercial girl. man one day, once i master this shit, i will have a lil dinner party, drinks made and served by Tanae.
On a more educational side, the other book i picked up, entitled Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale, is about "reading or writing that will make you feel so relaxed that your mind, especially your subconsious, is more receptive to commands". Meaning, reading or writing something clear and precise that will be so effective that you can't resist it. Im only at the beginning of the book but so far its really an amazing book. Is more of a "this is how you can" type of book, rather than "how to" type of book.... dig me? Its more persusavive than instructional. It discusses similes, quotes, commands, language use, lengths, and spacing. No, no, no. its not a english class all over again, its a brilliant fuckin piece of communication. 
p.s. its funny how the tables can turn so suddenly. 


ron.marcelo said...

aw man i've always wanted to learn how to bartend. if you find classes i'd take them with you lol

Sandra G. said...

Nae, this is why I love you :)
We want to learn about so much and reading is the way to do it! So I am going to go get my philosophy books as soon as I get another day off.LOL

Ron,in the classifieds of "Express"
They offer bartending classes for 2 weeks. So grab you one in the morning on your way to the train.
I'm not sure about the age requirements though.

Nae Nae said...

smart kids.