So if you don't know already, or if you even care to know, my hair is all natural. People always ask me what exactly it is that I do to my hair. Well, I usually beautify my hair every three weeks and get my ends trimmed every two months. Here's the process.
1. Before washing my hair, I comb it out to avoid matting. I then wash it twice with the DooGro Tingling Growth Shampoo. I prefer stimulating/tingling products because they really open the pores to deep cleanse, condition, and moisturize the hair.
2. This is the most important step... the crack. I towel dry my hair then part it into about 6 sections and spread the Organic's Hair Mayonnaise in it, combing with a paddle brush. Never ever brush wet hair. It can cause major breakage & split ends.
3. Depending on what month it is, I crack a raw egg, whip it good, then add that on my hair. This adds protein and helps bring out your hairs natural shine. I place a plastic cap on my head & let it sit for about 30min. Sitting under a dryer is recommended but optional.
4. I rinse the crack out with warm water then spread the DooGro Growth Repair Conditioner in it. I comb through it with a wide tooth comb then add in the DooGro Leave-In Growth Treatment.
5. Letting your hair air dry is recommended but optional. I get impatient sometimes so I end up blow-drying it then using the ceramic flat irons to straighten it. I use the DooGro Mega Thick Growth Oil & a little curl wax for my edges and VAWLA!
Side Note: Its good to be consistent with one brand because every product does something different, they can't all be mixed. I recommend the DooGro System, obviously. LOL