I processed a book at work by Libby Cataldi last week entitled, "Stay Close". This book is amazing! I found time to read it without getting caught. Stay Close is the intense account of what a child's drug addiction feels like from a parent's point of view- what the family did right and wrong. Libby, the mother and author, discusses how often her family thought they were supporting their son, Jeff, but were instead supporting his habit. It took Libby and Jeff over two years to make sense and truth of his addiction.
If I read correctly, starting in the 5th grade, Jeff was exposed to cigarettes, marijuana, microdots, MDE, ecstasy, ketamine, herione, paraphernalia, PCP, mescaline, crystal meth, coke, and LSD! Sheeesh!
[Jeff, the addict, is sitting down]
They're from Calvert County...
Quince View Meadows
DMV stand up! LOL