For the past week, we have all been snowed in. How have you been spending your time other than on Twitter? LOL I've washed clothes, cleaned my house, cooked a few meals, and even did some research on various things. At this point, I think its safe to say that we're officially bored and sick of this snow. I mean, the break away from work is great but its getting a little old. Luckily, Kendall saved me & invited me over his house. believe me, I'm loving every moment of being here too. On the low, I don't want to leave. lol Anyway, here are some photos of my vacation...

02.06.10 was my older sister Talia's 22nd birthday. This is the cupcake I got her...

I made breakfast for myself at my casa...

The gorgeous build-a-bear Kendall got for me as an early Valentines Day gift. His name is Bentley...


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