Before I start with these lovely ladies, let me reassure you that Sandra & I DID NOT steal their name nor did we steal their reason behind their name. This is just a HUGE coincidence. I guess great minds think alike. Anywho, I love them. They are really lull and preserved yet have a lot of personality. The difference between Richgirl & any other girl group begins with the obvious... they all can genuinely sing... really good. I'm really excited for their future.
Electrik Red
These ladies are barbaric... in a good way. Although only one person in the group, who by the by sounds like Kelis, can sing, they make decent music. i love them. Its just a little weird how they were dancers randomly thrown together to create music group... and it worked. Some songs on their album are simply stupid but overall, I listen to it almost every day. Do I see them lasting long, not really. But for the moment, keep the mayhem coming girls!