Rich Girls 101

I feel that certian people need clarification of where exactly the "Rich Girls" came from and what we represent. When we refer to ourselves as the Rich Girls, we aren't necessarily referring to money. We are rich in love, beauty, intelligence, independence, and talent. Enough said. If you disagree, prove me wrong. I beg you. So, for all you people who think Sandra & I are two "statistics", kiss my ass... and get off my blog bitch!


Mika said...

lol nae u funny.. and i remember taking two of these pics

r[o]n said...

i would translate "rich girls"
in my langauge but its too many meanings idk which to use lol.

i only know the wealthy rich
i dont know the other rich qualities you named. so yea...

Sandra G. said...

I Love you my chica.

NOOM!! said...

Nae ur like a huge portion of a puzzle lmao and u go hard too "Kiss my ass and get off my blog bitch" lmao

BTW.. In that case, this makes me a rich boy, Minus the Beauty

Nae Nae said...

Ron... wtf does your comment mean? smh you have the weirdest responses.

Love you to Sandra.

Dre, lol thanks babes =) you're great!


Tell em Nae!
Its all true...cant nobody tell yall otherwise. If they try...tell em to suck a dildo lmfao.

I love the "Rich Girls"!!!

Nae Nae said...

lmfao! love you too babe!