Do you find it easier to forgive than confront???
I believe that its easier to forgive but smarter to confront first. This was a question I came across in the book I'm currently reading, "Behaving Like Adults", by Anna Maxted. Anna Maxted is really particular about her word usage. This book definitely expands my vocabulary. 
Does the size of your girl really matter???
This is for the guys this time. Does it matter??? I asked bmore this question and he responded, "of course!" LOL But when I asked why it mattered, he switched to retarded mode and pretty much ignored my question. Then he went on to say "it depends".  
Have you ever played "Never Ever"???
 If you were at our party Saturday, you've played. LOL This is a very, and i mean VERY interesting game. Funny too. Ask about it.


Boooogie. said...

its always better to confront and much easier to also... if you dont confront somebody before you forgive them theyll keep doin whatver it is they did wrong in the first place without knowing its wrong.

A girls size doesnt matter if we connect mentallly and personality is compatible but every man has particulars on what they see as the perfect woman no matter how good a persons personality is.

The game never ever is tons of fun especially under the influence of alcohol. lol

Nae Nae said...

great responses, as usual. and yes, sadfully i agree, it IS more fun when you're intoxicated. LOL