my loves.
i miss my blog.
i miss my followers.
and my leaders.
all my friends.
so much.
lol I'm silly.
but um yeah, i got shit to say.
when you stop looking for your keys, you find them. slow down and relax. i need to slow the fuck down and relax. for the past week, i haven't been able to sleep like i normally do. My lack of blogging has been killing me inside. i have so many different things running around in my brain, causing me to have severe headaches. i thought it was my cholesterol bothering me but i was wrong. its me over thinking everything. a shot of liquor won't help me, so let me vent. Please don't devalue my thoughts because they actually mean something to me. they mean a lot to me as they should. I'm sick of wasting my emotions on people who don't care. So care for me like i care for you all.
[now picture me smiling because i don't feel like uploading a picture lol]
Is it wrong to devalue what someone says in order to stop your expectations from changing? I read that somewhere in my favorite author, Eric Jerome Dickey's book "Friends & Lovers". Great book. Now back to the question.
special shout out to my money. yes. MY money. why? because i said so. the little time we spent together was pretty cool. trust me when i say, you were and still are on my A list [which consists of 3 guys]. I cried once from hurt then you turned around and made me cry...... from satisfaction. i want you. still. but i won't show it or confess it again. i didn't want to keep chasing what shouldn't have been running. [sigh] its no fun being a queen living in a kingless castle. thanks for the few memories.
what's the purpose of silent letters? seriously.
He popped the question to me last week. Then she turned around & popped the same question to me today. "Tanae, who's your Valentine?" Well my friends, he didn't go to Jarreds. lls But i went to Ikea. What I'm saying is... my apartment is my Valentine. I hoped to have a lovely Valentine like the man I had last year but, "this ain't Burger King, you can't always have it your way". [hey Dre! lol]


Mika said...

DANG nae. I feel you on this, I think I need to slow down too, its too much goin on nd I feel stressed... Hoe. Story to tell you btw. What's up with cancers and their feelings? I kno you kno what I'm talkin bout.

Nae Nae said...

Lol awwww shit, trouble in paradise. i sure hope not, you guys gave me faith. lol call me!

ar-oh-en said...

ur funny.
ur life is sooo "live" lol.
happy for u n ur valentine. lol

Nae Nae said...

lls thanks Ron!


yeah you are funny as shit lol. but i feel you on everything tho. yeah im happy for you n your valentine too...even though (cough cough) i was here lol.

Sandra G. said...

"its no fun being a queen living in a kingless castle"
I Love every word in that quote right there... yes... "why yes I do"

NOOM!! said...

Like Burger King, "u can't always have it your way" but like Checkers, "U gotta eat" lmao Even the best route runner have to divert from a path. Just find another way..Go with your Avenues. I know how u felt because you really wanted one. Sometimes that shit ain't even desirable.